Wednesday, February 09, 2005

4 Chardonnays: 3 Australia, 1 France

PELEE ISLAND WINERY PREMIUM SELECT CHARDONNAY 2002, Ontario, 13.0%, #216044 $10.95

LCBO writes: "Light yellow with greenish tinge; apple, citris with a touch of vanilla in aroma and flavour; dry, medium bodied, with balanced acidity, soft citrus and oak on the finish." My notes: All true, to me anyway, altho' I could take this for a Pinot Blanc. A pleasant sipper due to its fragrance and smooth butter feel - no butterscotch though. Perhaps a trifle stalky for some unless with finger food, a light seafood or creamy chicken dish. This is a General listing.

WOLF BLASS CHARDONNAY 2003, South Australia, 13.5%, #226860 $14.95

LCBO writes: "Bright yellow gold; tropical fruit and citrus with toasty, buttery oak aromas; full-bodied with intense flavours; smooth, warm spice and a long finish." My notes: A light fragrance slowly develops in the glass, medium- to full-bodied, no tropical fruit but a light citrus and oak flavouring with some traditional butterscotch. A soft gold in the glass. Have with food: grilled tuna/swordfish, lobster or a chicken & mushroom penne casserole. This is a General listing.

LINDEMANS BIN 65 CHARDONNAY 2004, South Eastern Australia, 13.5%, #142117 $10.95

LCBO writes: "Light yellow gold colour; floral with citrus and vanilla aromas; ripe fruit flavours; soft clean finish" My notes: A field-of-daiseys' fragrance? anyway, a pleasant floral nose when poured. Light golden colour with a fresh light grapefruit-lime flavour and a long finish. Medium-bodied, suitable as a sipper but best with a seafood or chicken salad, smoked oysters or even a ham steak. This is a General listing.

FORTANT DE FRANCE CHARDONNAY 2001, Languedoc, France, 13.5%, #433185 $10.95

My notes: Light straw colour with a faint pineapple nose. A light-bodied dry white with a light peachy vanilla flavour and a crisp, tangy finish. A inoffensive (ie. uninteresting) sipper or have with mild chicken or fish dishes. This is a General listing. Air Canada serves this kosher white in 200mL bottles.

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