Saturday, October 01, 2016

October 2016 Wines - 12 Tasted of 12

Roadside colours: Erin, Ontario

LINEUP: Reds, Whites and Bubblies
  • Lamadrid Single Vineyard Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, 92-2  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #223206  $19.95
  • Catena Malbec 2014, 91-2  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina, #478727  $17.95*
  • Corte Majoli Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore 2013, 89-1  --  V, Verona, Italy, #084061  $16.25
  • Edge Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, 88  --  V, Napa Valley, USA, #034223  $37.95
  • Marchesi de' Frescobaldi Tenuta di Castiglioni 2013, 86  --  V, Tuscany, Italy, #145920  *$19.95   
  • Monte Zovo Sa' Solin Ripasso Valpolicella 2014, 81  --  V, Verona, Italy, #650713  $17.95 

  • La Cappuccina Soave 2014, 92-3  --  V, Verona, Italy, #081489  $15.95
  • Willow Bridge Estate Dragonfly Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2015, 92-2 -- V,  Dardanup, Western Australia, #418368   $16.95
  • Southbrook Triomphe Organic Chardonnay 2014 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 91-2  --  V, Ontario, Canada, #172338  *$18.40  
  • Thornbury Sauvignon Blanc 2015, 90-2  --  V,  Marlborough, New Zealand, #734798  $18.95 
  • Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Sauvignon Blanc 2015, 90-2*  --  V,  Aconcuaga Costa, Chile,  #462614  $19.95  

    • Château d'Avrillé Crémant de Loire NV, 86  --  V,  Loire, France, #460808  $17.95
       (V - Vintages, G - General, O - Other, r-v  - Rating-Value, a - aerated, c - cellar, NR - Not Recommended)


    ERRAZURIZ ACONCAGUA COSTA SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015, Aconcagua Costa, Chile, 13.5%  XD  3g/L,  #462614  $19.95  (Tasted October 19, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on September 3, 2016 and rated 90 by Luis Gutierrez   (December 2015).  My notes:  In it's first year for serving 2016 brings a freshness found in the terroir, chilled crushing and minimal barrel treatment. A swirl shows a light viscosity leaving a fragmented film running a few slow tears. Served at 9oC there's a grassy but bright nose with delicate pear and Granny Smith accents. A mild acidity leaves the palate extra dry, almost chalky, and just a touch tingly. Paired with seafood, fin or shell, the combination has a unique tasting treat. Nine to 14oC is a range for sipping to pairing. 90  *(if you prefer scrumptious, add 2 more for Flavour&Finish)

    EDGE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2013 , Napa Valley, USA, 14.1% D 8g/L, #034223  $37.95*  (Tasted October 30, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on September 17, 2016.  My notes: This comes in a classic tapered bottle deeply dimpled, opaque with a uniquely styled label and fonts. Perfect for a dimly lit ambience and a wine sipping crowd. But that's only my view having lived in the under $20 market so long. Labelled Cabernet Sauvignon this is a blend of 89% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc and 3% Merlot. According to the winery, 'a cutting edge wine' without 'a cutting edge price'. Robert Parker gives it an 89 (October 20, 2015) saying it's meant to be sold at ~$25US* which Vintages translates to $38C. With supply limited it's a windfall for a Canadian retailer, in our case, a monopoly.

    Now for tasting: The colour is a royal ruby, dark with a charcoal hue. A swirl lays a moderate film slow to accumulate tears that flow as columns. Dry, a tart bite and warmth carry flavours of sour cherry for a long finish ending with a a woody texture. An acerbic sipper and more of a meal red, went well with a rib steak and likely a T-bone or a savoury beef stew with gravy for depth and sweet yams for variety. Decant an hour before serving and cellar several years to possibly mellow the bite.  88

    LAMADRID SINGLE VINEYARD RESERVA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2013, 14.0%  XD  4g/L, #223206  $19.95  (Tasted October 5, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on September 17, 2016 and rated 90 by Michael Schachner Wine Enthusiast, (October 2015).  My notes:  The colour is a charcoal ruby and there's sufficient viscosity to leave columns of firm tears. An aroma of Herb de Province on blackberry soothes the nostrils and carries with it a moderate acid, a light layer of liquorice and a soothing warmth. Sipping slowly lets the flavours penetrate to envelop the experience. Uncork up to a day previous to settle out what could be a dominant chalkiness. Pair with crusted tenderloin, t-bone or savoury stews.  92

    CORTE MAJOLI RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA SUPERIORE 2013, Verona, Italy, 14.0%  D  7g/L, #084061  $16.25  (Tasted October 16, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on April 2, 2016.  My notes:  Crushed blackberries combined with a smaller portion of raspberries gives this the warm freshness of ripe fruit. The film slowly collects then drops as a sheet with a few tears - once wetted columns of tears cover the glass. Surprisingly a first sip has considerable tang and adds a dusty covering balanced by a sharp edge. Have with an Italian buffet or better, pair with a T-bone steak medium rare or a beef roast sliced to show pink. This may cellar several more years hopefully revealing the fruit - but then process may have pushed this to the background. 89
    WILLOW BRIDGE ESTATE DRAGONFLY SAUVIGNON BLANC (66%) SEMILLON (34%) 2015, Dardanup, Western Australia, 12.8% XD 2g/L, #418368   $16.95  (Tasted October 6, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on Oct 1, 2016. My notes: A crystal clear yellow that leaves a fragmenting, thin film when swirled. A blend of lime pith and fragrance of apple blossom slowly fills the glass. Pour at 12oC and allow to develop with the ambient warmth - 16oC. Succulent without sweetness - a cool, acidic silk fills the senses as each swallow persists with a lasting dryness. Its intensity carries well to pair with a broad selection of seafood and an attractive price (although Clarkson LCBO) has increased the price $2) adds value as a house white. 92

    LA CAPPUCCINA SOAVE 2014, Verona, Italy, 12.0%  D  8g/L,  #081489  $15.95  (Tasted October 21, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on August 20, 2016. My notes: Served at 10oC the mid yellow colour shines clean and bright. It's well polished and shows a firm film that suggests the silky texture to come. From the first pour there's a pleasing aroma of banana and apple with a tenable tang and matching flavour. The film soon fragments forming sheets edged with rounded globules that recede - a tilt produces long columns. Well balanced and flexible enough to pair with sliced chicken breast or a variety of seafood. Drink now or cellar several years. 92
    SOUTHBROOK TRIOMPHE ORGANIC CHARDONNAY 2014 VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada, 13.2%  XD  2g/L, #172338  *$22.95 reduced to $18.40  (Tasted October 15, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on October 1, 2016.  My notes:  Michel Godel  (March 10, 2016) gave this a 90 and recommends delaying until 2017 for a taste. The colour is a steely mid yellow, clean and bright. A touch of vanilla to a delicate lemon is pleasing and is an introduction to a long refreshing journey from XD to moderately grassy and full. As the temperature builds there's a lingering soft allure. Chardonnay lovers could sway either side of this organic but the value is right - if the critic's prediction for ageing holds true. 91
    MONTE ZOVO SA' SOLIN RIPASSO VALPOLICELLA 2014, Verona, Italy, 14.5%  D  16g/L,  #650713  $17.95  (Tasted October 12, 2016 )

      Released by Vintages on April 1, 2016:   My notes: My impression of a ripasso process is of one that develops a soft fullness with a warm cherry depth,  pleasing to sip and a good companion with savoury Italian pastas, lamb and pork. The 2011 tasted in October 2011 was rated 88, same price. We enjoyed several bottles bought for casual dinners. The 2014 has a light viscosity leaving a modest film and running moderate tears. The nose is woody with a spicy edge showing an unripe cherry and purple plum character. The first sips were sharp and penetrating with a long biting finish, not pleasing as a sipper.  Serve with spicy ribs, chorizo & tomato spaghetti, or full flavoured Osso Buco.  81  

    MARCHESI DE' FRESCOBALDI TENUTA DI CASTIGLIONI 2013 , Tuscany, Italy, 13.0% D 8g/L,  #145920  $19.95*  (Tasted October 17, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on April 1, 2016.  My notes: *reduced from $21.95 until Nov 6.  There's a royal dark cherry hue on opening. A thin film sheds several tears then quickly fragments. A sharp tang accompanies a warm plum and cherry scent with a touch of vanilla for refinement. A sip confirms a light to medium-bodied sipper, no velvet but a restrained bite. The finish is also reserved as a woody texture settles in for a long dry finish. Sip or quaff, pleasing now but is likely at end of cellaring. Went well with a prime rib roast, mashed squash and potato casserole. Try with spicy Polish, Italian sausage or a saucy beef stew. 86

    THORNBURY SAUVIGNON BLANC 2015 , Marlborough, New Zealand, 13.5%  XD  5g/L,  #734798  $18.95  (Tasted October 14, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on August 20, 2016.  My notes:  A product of Villa Maria Estates Ltd. and rated 89 by Bob Campbell MW, (October 30, 2015). The nose puts a pleasing frame around a refreshing combo of soft fruit and a blend of lime, pineapple and mango. A different Sauvignon Blanc having a burst of flavour that penetrates followed by a fullness that quickly starts as a luscious finish, delicate and then drying. Drinking well now and can cellar several years. Serve well chilled - have on hand for midday appetizers continuing with a mains of pistachio crusted salmon or buttery shrimp and toasted dipping breads. 90

    CHÂTEAU D'AVRILLÉ CRÉMANT DE LOIRE NV, Loire, France, 12.0% D  11g/L,  #460808  $17.95  (Tasted November 6, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on September 3, 2016.  My notes:  A faint lemon effervesces to a rising then moderate foam in a flute glass. Steady streams of bubbles rise until a lively spritz lays CO2 droplets. A delicate lemon apple flavour adds to the aroma and is a welcomed refreshment. Quaffing bites then cleanses the palate leaving a mild grassy lemon, drying and pleasurable. Have with an eggy morning quiche varied from bacon, spinach, mixed sliced & seared peppers/mushrooms, etc. whatever is a timely favourite. Also an economical aperitif for a crowded event.  Keep on ice and quaff.  86 

    CATENA MALBEC 2014, Mendoza, Argentina, 13.5%  D  4g/L,  #478727  $17.95*  (Tasted October 26, 2016)

    Released by Vintages on April 1, 2016. *Price reduced from $19.95 until November 6th.  My notes: A forward blackberry, a blueberry smoothness and a blend of earthy spice gives this much sip appeal. A swirl coats the glass with a wall of tears starting quickly then a swollen rainbow. Bright flavours fade into a delicate ending. Pleasing to sip and flexible to pair. try pork, lamb, cheesy ground beef lasagna, Polish or Chorizo sausage pieces all would benefit from this red. 91