Saturday, February 26, 2005

2 Riesling: Australia, France

ANNIE'S LANE RIESLING CLARE VALLEY 2003, South Australia, Australia, 11.5%, #937086 $18.95

The winery claims "... pale in colour with vibrant green tones. It presents the classic characters of Clare Valley Riesling with citrus. lime and lemon with floral overtones. The palate exhibits intense citrus flavours, which are balanced in a long finish with crisp and fresh acidity." My notes: I found it to be the same golden straw as the 2002 vintage with a characteristic petrol nose altho' milder and a slight lemon zest but no lavender. Left a dryness on the lips from too much stalkiness and a light grapefruit-lime flavour. A long dry aftertaste. The 'fresh acidity' should be accompanied by hors d'oeuvres, cheeses, or better yet a grilled seafood dish. Now with a screwtop. Not a stellar vintage. Vintages release July 28, 2004.

CAVE VINICOLE de HUNAWIHR RIESLING, RESERVE 2000, Alsace, France, 12.0%, $14.50

Cellared May 2002 Opimian describes it as a "bouquet led by citrussy floral aromas followed by stunning fruit with lemon and lime sharpening the attack on the palate." My notes: The nose is of lime/orange peels with a flower or two to soften and the colour, a light straw. The flavours are lemon and lime and do attack but pleasantly with a lasting tartness. A dry sipper or have with seafoods, shellfish or white meats. Available from the Opimian Society.

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