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Bridging the Gap
Some would say the following is a collection of the ramblings of a senile old man - for instance, my wife would. I look at them as a timeline over nine years of tasting experiences and  defend myself by regularly reviewing most of the articles to see if my opinion or circumstances have changed. 

Over these nine years little has changed in Ontario. The government's approach is 'more of the same', ie. let the current monopoly be the sole source. The consumer will see the same commercial labels in more outlets as trendy boutiques staffed by part timers appear in shopping malls and supermarkets. The number of 'lost bottles' in the Province will grow even more than they are today in spite of well controlled outlets. 

When a monopoly controls availability wine colour and culture both internationally and Canadian is pushed aside in favour of imagined revenues and with one prevalent ideology of a priviledged provincial bureaucracy there's no possibility for improvement.  

Happy tasting, Ww