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June 2012 Wines: 20 Tasted of 20

Accompanying Beppi Crosariol's column of May 16, 2012 'LCBO sweetens the wine buying experience' is a chart, provided here for convenience, pulled together by Trish McAlaster of the G&M, that shows the relationship of various sweetness scales: the LCBO's previously used scale of 0 to 15, word descriptors of Extra Dry (XD), Dry (D), ..., Sweet (S),..., etc. and the recently introduced grams/Litre scale.  What also is interesting on this chart are a few brand names positioned at their sweetness level.

All is well in Pleasantville some say. However, aren't there a few limitations to overcome? First, it will take time for all bin tags to be replaced with new ones on all shelves in every outlet as well as the wine descriptors on the LCBO website -  and it will take longer for customers to understand the new measurement. The Marketing glossy released recently
- did you get yours? - is a start at educating the masses. Second, can the bin tags be read by customers as they hurriedly scan labels? It takes a trained eye, good vision and patience. Thirdly, there's the matter of timeliness and accuracy. Will the sugar levels for thousands of wines be maintained vintage to vintage? We know that alcohol levels reported for the online inventory often vary from that shown on the wine bottle. And is it worth it? As the article remarks 'the numbers (g/L) won't have much impact on diabetics'. So who does this change target?

  • Side point: So I've been tracking the variance of the new sugar code and, yes, as with alcohol levels there's variances of sugar levels shown by the LCBO from that reported in winery tasting notes.  From past experience, when what gets reported is less accurate than the format of what's reported you know the data entry person has no or minimal interest in the subject.  I've got to go with the winery on this one.

If XD, D, S, MS and VS,  defined and applied consistently, doesn't give sufficient information for dietary needs I'm not confident the introduction of a metric measurement will fare better. In fact retaining both new and old as is planned presents conflicting conclusions. For
From the VINTAGES website
example, Yellow Tail at 12g/L sugar and Santa Rita Cab Sauvignon at 6g/L are both tagged as Dry.  If the intent is to advise customers of sugar levels shouldn't both reach the same conclusion? The most understandable system should prevail. On their website Vintages provides a popup chart to differentiate between systems, that for sugar content and the other a sense of 'taste'. I haven't seen a popup on a store shelf yet.

If LCBO technicians really insist on g/L a novel but efficient, less costly approach would be to require wineries to declare sugar level (g/L) on the wine label* itself. Regular Lab spot checks verifying compliance could then be part of the LCBO's qualification process. The downside for some wineries but an upside for consumers could be a declaration on labels of all additives used in wines today - changing wine marketing from 'buyer beware' to 'truth in advertising'.

Educating Ontarians to check sugar levels on bin tags will be as effective as checking salt, calories and sat-fats on restaurant menus. As with restaurants, exploiters of additives will continue to match recipes with market preferences adding flavour components and
balancing, in this case, acid and sugar for that satisfying succulent fullness.

Salut, Ww

*  In fact Riesling labels have adopted a scale referred to as Riesling Taste Profile.

THE LINEUP - grouped by reds, whites, rosés and other:

  • (WOM) Vicchiomaggio Agostino Petri Chianti Classico Riserva 2008, 91a-2  -- V, Tuscany, Italy, #993360  $19.95
  • Finca La Linda Syrah 2009,  89-2  --  G, Mendoza, Argentina, #223651 $12.95
  • Banfi Centine Toscana 2009,  88-1  --  V, Montalcino, Italy, #947440 $16.95
  • Dominio del Plata Susana Balbo Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, 87a  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #260919  $19.15 
  • Graffigna Centenario Reserve Malbec 2010, 86-1  --  G, Mendoza, Argentina, #230474  $12.95     
  • (WOM) Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, 83  -- V, Columbia Valley, Washington State, #280107  $24.95

  • Thirty Bench Riesling 2010 VQA Beamsville Bench, 91-2  --  V, Beamsville, Ontario,  #024133 $16.95
  • See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Gris 2009 VQA Okanagan Valley,  90-2  --  V, Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards, BC, #263699  $18.95
  • 13th Street Winery 'June's Vineyard' Riesling 2010 VQA Creek Shores,  88-1  -- V, St. Catharines, Ontario, #147512 $17.95
  • 13th Street Winery 'Old Vines' Riesling 2010 VQA Creek Shores,  88  --  V,  St. Catharines, Ontario, #272617  $23.95
  • Dominio del Plata Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes 2011, 86-1 --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #001834  $12.95 
  • Monmousseau Vouvray 2010, 86  --  V, Central Loire Valley, France, #271940 $14.95
  • Emiliana Adobe Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Organic 2011,  83  --  G, Casablanca Valley, Chile, #266049  $12.95
  • Oatley Tic Tok Chardonnay 2009, 82  --  G, Mudgee, Australia, #187104 $14.95
  • Graffigna Centenario Reserva Pinot Grigio 2011,  81  --  G, San Juan, Argentina,  #164756  $12.95 
  • Wente Vineyards 'Morning Fog' Chardonnay 2010,  81  --  G, Livermore Valley, California, #175430 $16.95  
  • Loron Bourgogne Chardonnay 2010,  80  --  G, Burgundy, France, #167155   $12.95 
  • Sogrape Gazela Vinho Verde 2011, NR --  G, Gaia, Portugal, #141432 $8.95
  • Megalomaniac Pink Slip Pinot Rosé 2011 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 84  --  V, Vineland, Ontario, #085126 $17.95

  •  Katnook 'Founder's Block' Sparkling Shiraz 2008,  nr -- V, Coonawara, Australia, #053330  $24.95
(WOM - Wine of the Month, V - Vintages, G - General, O - Other, r-v  - Rating-Value, a - aerated, NR - Not Rated)

And what do I do if a wine disappoints?

Example 1: The Graffigna Centenario Reserva Pinot Grigio was a disappointing 81 points. For my tastes the nose was a 'light aroma of crushed lemon seeds, a touch grassy' and both 'texture and flavour' depended on quaffing rather than sipping. One alternative was to discard - not a big loss at $12.95. I chose to blend 1/3 bottle of Dominio del Plata Crios de Susana de Balbo Torrontes, also $12.95, having a more intense nose and bite filling in low points. The result was a more interesting sipper and meal white.

Example 2: The Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon rated 83 needed something to become pleasing overall. By blending 1/3 of the lighter, fruitier Sterling Vintner’s Collection Pinot Noir 2010 rated 82 with the full-bodied, earthy Chateau Smith the result was both fruitier and smoother saving a $24.95 red blending with one at $14.95 and is now excellent paired with Lamb Hotpot.

Blending was previously blogged at Blending Part 1 and Blending Part 2


WOMs  for June 2012 - Both released by Vintages on May 26, 2012

CHATEAU SMITH CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2009, Columbia Valley, Washington, 14.2% XD  5g/L, #280107  $24.95  (Tasted June 7, 2012)  CS

Rated 91 by Harvey Steiman (December 15, 2011).  My notes:  A Charles Smith Wines  product. A dense ruby colour with an earthy, fragrant, soft plum and blackberry aroma - subtle. A thin film leaves a lacy rim that creeps down the glass leaving tiny islands. The first sip is light on fruit with a smoky red cherry flavour, bright on the palate quickly shifting to an extra dry, woody finish - aerating brings out a slight tobacco.  A sipper if you're near a buffet table of stuffed mushrooms, bacon bruschetta or bbq'd rib pieces and better quaffed. Have with anything beefy and grilled. Past cellaring - disappointing.  83

VICCHIOMAGGIO AGOSTINO PETRI  CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA 2008, Tuscany, Italy, 14.0% XD  5g/L, #993360  $19.95  (Tasted June 13, 2012)  CS

Rated 90 by Bruce Sanderson  (October 15, 2011).  My notes:  The aroma is apparent as soon as pouring starts, a floral sweet cherry and plum nose. Long tears flow from an unbroken rim and the colour has an earthy tint to darken the  ruby.  Silky, medium-bodied, rich plums, chocolate, drying tannins with acids to match lasting a long while finally adding earthy granite tones. An old world sipper rich in flavour and textures better suited to rich Italian fare, entrées and appetizers. Likely around peak so a drink now. Aerating mellows the background sting for sipping and is recommended.  91


THIRTY BENCH RIESLING 2010 VQA Beamsville Bench,  Beamsville, Ontario, 10.8% D 19.5g/L, #024133  $16.95*  (Tasted June 7, 2012)  CS

A Vintages  release on April 18, 2012 and reduced $2.00 in price until May 27, 2012.  My notes: The 2008 and 2007 vintages were tasted in October 2010 and September 2008 with ratings 86 and 88 resp.. The 2005 vintage tasted in January 2007 when compared with typical Niagara Rieslings closely resembled an Alsatian having lots of petrol altho' less floral and fruit. The 2010 is a light lime juice colour with aromas of pear, apple and lime and showing a trace of floral. The film sets a lacy rim to recede slowly down the glass. Luscious with fresh lime flavourings and the acid balancing the sugar then leaving a chalky fruit flavoured lining on the palate. Have with fresh oysters, crab cakes, cod fritters or battered halibut and chips. This should cellar well several years developing some petrol, but if you like tart, drink now.  91

MEGALOMANIAC PINK SLIP PINOT NOIR ROSÉ 2011 VQA Niagara Peninsula, Vineland, Ontario, 11.7% XD 10g/L, #085126  $17.95  (Tasted June 14, 2012)  CS

A Vintages release on May 12, 2012.  My notes:  Cute labelling, a bright Pink Salmon colour - west coast - of a Tavel and an aroma of green peas, watermelon and hint of floral causes interest. The film is thin and falls evenly from a lacy rim. Serve well chilled there's a dry, smooth texture with acid balancing most of the sweetness. Now slightly off chill, flavours of Mexican watermelon and tart apple are interesting and fade evenly. Could be a  patio sipper, add a few strawberry slices perhaps, along with bacon chips or salad greens and Greek feta or pair with grilled seafood, finny or shell. A drink now.  84

OATLEY TIC TOK CHARDONNAY 2009,  Mudgee, Australia, 13.2%  XD  7g/L, #187104  $14.95  (Tasted June 15, 2012)  CS

A General listing. My notes: Chardonnay grapes from NSW (Mudgee) and West Australia (Pemberton) showing a green tinged lemon coloured. An even swirl leaves an even film and a lacy rim that drops slowly.  When opened the aroma has a distinct pond scum component not that appealing as a sipper - air for thirty minutes.  The first sip retains a slight pond scum to the flavour level along with a XD sharp tang. Smooth with a pineapple lemon touch and long finish that has some potential as a sipper - better paired with roasted chicken wings with a syrup sauce or a Swiss Chalet Chicken dinner, a Dad's Day Lobster or a Cheddar Sandwich. Not for cellaring - a drink now if you prefer a strongly accented chardonnay. 82

13TH STREET 'JUNE'S VINEYARD' RIESLING 2010 VQA Creek Shores, St. Catharines, Ontario, 11.5%  D  14g/L, #147512  $17.95  (Tasted June 4, 2012)  CS
A Vintages release on February 18, 2012 with 350 cases made. Rated 89 by Evan Saviolidis (Tidings, Dec 2011/Jan 2012).  My notes: This is a winery that labels the Bench, the specific vineyard, the clone (Riesling 49) used and the number of cases produced - a mark of a winery focusing on their wines. The 2008 vintage tasted in June 2011 rated 89. I poured the 2010 into a champagne flute to bring out the nose, a pear apple combination luscious by itself mindful of an icewine. The colour is a lemon drop yellow leaving a lacy rim on the glass. Definitely sweet and a tad short of acid and light on alcohol giving a slightly bland first sip, nevertheless luscious with silky seconds. A pleasing before or after dinner taster or have with lemon coulis - serve and keep well chilled.  88

DOMINIO DEL PLATA CRIOS DE SUSANA BALBO TORRONTÉS 2011, Mendoza, Argentina, 13.5%  XD  na/L, #001834   $12.95  (Tasted June 8, 2012) CS
A Vintages release on April 14, 2012 rated 90 by Jay Miller  (December 2011) .  My notes: Tasted in January 2011 with the comment 'intriguing sipper with enough brightness for flexible pairing' and rated 93-3. The 2011 has a tangy lemon nose and the colour is a light gold with a tinge of green. The film is thin leaving a lacy edge while sliding down completely clearing the glass. A modest sting in the cheeks cleanses and refreshes with each sip. Slightly grassier, firm lemon flavour continuing through a long smooth finish ending with a dry lemon zest on the lips. A refreshing sipper better with a buffet table close by. Pair with chicken legs, deep fried wings or anything battered or sautéed: a light seafood filet, shrimp or scallop dish. A drink now or keep a year to see if bite lessens.  86

SEE YA LATER RANCH PINOT GRIS 2009 VQA Okanagan Valley, Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards, BC, 13.5% XD  na/L, #263699   $18.95  (Tasted June 14, 2012)  CS

A Vintages release on February 4, 2012.  My notes:  One of only a few BC wines on Vintages' shelves. The See Ya Later Ranch Riesling was excellent paired with a Thai buffet at SalaThai on Burrard, Vancouver. This Pinot Gris would have also paired well with Thai and contribute an interesting flavour. The colour is a burnt gold and the film sticks well to the glass then recedes slowly flowing no tears.  XD although I suspect in the 10g/L sugar range with sufficient acid to mask most of the sweetness. The nose has a light tangerine melon vanilla aroma to match a soft textured, tangy, subtle tangerine melon vanilla flavour. Medium-bodied with a long finish ending silky and dry. Cellaring for a few years is likely but drinking well now.  90

BANFI CENTINE TOSCANA 2009, Montalcino, Italy, 13.5% XD  na/L, #947440  $16.95  (Tasted June 19, 2012) CS

A Vintages release on January 21, 2012 and rated 88 by John Szabo, MS (May 2011).  My notes:  Ranked 10 of 10 by The Wine Snob in his blog of 'Top 10 Red Under $20, May 15, 2012 Update'   - and according to his notes, priced around $10. Tasted both aerated and not, either way this red shines from first sip to its red cherry finish. Soft but persistent tannins balanced by a modest acid make for a polite sipper or companion for lightly spiced tomato sauced Italian entrées. Have with beef or lamb burgers, shashlik pitas or bbq'd short ribs. The colour is an opaque ruby with a lightish film running fast legs and an aroma both floral and fruity declining to a subtle scent through a long finish. Sugar content not provided by the LCBO but drinks extra dry.  88

GRAFFIGNA CENTENARIO RESERVE MALBEC 2010, Mendoza, Argentina, 13.5% XD  6g/L, #230474  $12.95  (Tasted June 18, 2012)  CS

A General listing.  My notes:  Ranked 8 of 10 by The Wine Snob in his blog of 'Top 10 Red Under $20, May 15, 2012 Update'  - according to the notes, priced at $9US. A full-bodied Malbec that runs fast legs from a viscous film and a continuous rim and has the aroma of earthy raspberries, slightly spicy. The ruby colour has a grey cast to tame the raspberry brightness. Finishes dry with mostly earthy plum, some coffee and extra dry to the palate. The underlying fruit is raspberry mellowed by oak treatment for a one dimensional beef red - an old world style meeting new world suitable for sipping as well as pairing. A drink now.  86

WENTE VINEYARDS 'MORNING FOG' CHARDONNAY 2010, Livermore Valley, California, 13.5% D  8g/L, #175430  $16.95  (Tasted June 12, 2012)  CS

A General listing. My notes:  The 2009 vintage was tasted in March 2011 and rated 89 saying 'the texture, tang and terroir make this an interesting quaffer'. The 2009 was 100% chardonnay - 13% of the grapes were from Arroyo Seco vineyards. The colour of the 2010 is a midgold, like a lemon drop. The film is firm showing a lacy rim that recedes quickly. An aroma of crushed lemon seeds carries the tang of the lemon and precedes a tart taste of lemon and pear. Flavours give way to grassy acid and a slight roundness continuing to a cardboard edged lemon - not that appealing as a sipper but OK with roast chicken, bbq'd wings or slices of pork tenderloin. Did not pair well with wild Atlantic salmon steaks. Not for cellaring - a commercial drink now.  81

MONMOUSSEAU VOUVRAY 2010, Central Loire Valley, France, 12.0% MD  27g/L, #271940  $14.95  (Tasted June 9, 2012)  CS

A Vintages release on May 12, 2012.  My notes:  A clear blond colour with an overriding pond scum, that fades with airing, along with faint apple and pear aroma, not inviting, more of a neutral appeal. The flavour is of nettles, spicy lemon and apple with a refreshing level of tart and a drying aspect of chalk for a lasting finish that ends nicely dry and tart. A medium-sweet seafood white that also went well with boneless chicken thighs roasted with mushroom slices. Not for cellaring, a drink now.  86

DOMINIO del PLATA SUSANA BALBO SIGNATURE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2010, Mendoza, Argentina, 14.0%  D  6g/L, #260919  $19.15  (Tasted June 20, 2012)  CS

A Vintages release on December 10, 2011. My notes: 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Merlot showing a purple hue on a granite cast ruby, dense and brooding. The scent of blue- and blackberries and hint of rhubarb needs time to develop in the glass - a firm film runs slow tears from a smooth rim. The first sip attacks the palate with a sting overriding dark fruit and nutmeg flavours that become more prominent through a long finish adding a red currant brightness. Smooth, full, extra dry and leaves velvet tannins to complement the acid. A rough sipper, not my 'thing'. Have with full flavoured stews, ossobuco or Texas chili. Aerating mellows the initial bite and adds some silk to the texture, also mellows the fruit somewhat throughout a long finish - improved overall.  87a 

13TH STREET WINERY 'OLD VINES' RIESLING 2010 VQA Creek Shores, St. Catharines, Ontario, 12.5% MD  na/L, #272617  $23.95  (Tasted June 1, 2012)  CS

A Vintages release on February 18, 2012. 220 cases produced. My notes: There's a slight green tint to the mid golden colour and the nose has a fruit, some mineral and vegetable aspect that defies a breakdown, an interesting delicate aroma. A swirl brings a lacy rim that fragments quickly leaving nodules on the glass. The first sip, served chilled, has fresh apple pear clove flavours packaged in a dry envelope then changes to a chalk dry luscious finish. A medium-bodied, clean sipper that went well with lightly flavoured rainbow trout. Perhaps would develop some petrol over four years in the cellar but drinking well now without it.  88

LORON  BOURGOGNE CHARDONNAY 2010, Burgundy, France, 13.0% XD, #167155   $12.95  (Tasted May 19, 2012)  CS
A General listing.  My notes: A lemon drop yellow with a mineral edged faint scent of lemon and tangy apple. The rim recedes slowly unbroken and slightly lacy. The first sip has a hollow softness with apple and lemon flavours, a light acid, very dry on the lips with a quince aftertaste. I couldn't decide if this had a light chardonnay seam or resulted from a chalky terroir - or perhaps a blending of available white grapes. Not enough of a finish to hold attention as a sipper and did not pair well with a turkey breast Subway sandwich. A scallop and creamy pasta dish could be a better match. A drink now. 80

FINCA  LA LINDA SYRAH 2009, Mendoza, Argentina, 14.4% XD  4g/L, #223651  $12.95  (Tasted June 18, 2012)  CS

A General listing.  My notes:  Extra dry with a noticeable liquorice seam and red cherry scent making this a fine sniffer on the spicy side. A swirl leaves a firm film with a lacy rim that sheds slow tears. The colour is a rich burgundy red and has a silky approach carrying spicy raspberry, dark chocolate and terra firma nicely blended for sipping or pairing with grilled or roasted meats. Tang and flavours last forever and have an even warmth. May cellar for a few years - worth starting with a dozen to see if it's going up or down. Hide the label and serve to closest wine critics.  Aerating is not recommended as it brings out some roughness and more warmth in finish.  89

GRAFFIGNA CENTENARIO RESERVE PINOT GRIGIO 2011, San Juan, Argentina, 13.0% XD 4g/L, #164756  $12.95  (Tasted June 10, 2012)  CS

A General listing. My notes: The first of two from this label and a white. A light blond with a light aroma of crushed lemon seeds, a touch grassy.  The film flows lacily with a rim of tears leaving the glass clear. The first sip has some lemon, some white grapefruit, tart and chalky dry. Not a sipper although quaffing increases fullness and flavour - a seafood white. Have with creamy pasta with shrimp or scallop pieces. A commercial drink now.   81

EMILIANA ADOBE RESERVA SAUVIGNON BLANC ORGANIC 2011, Casablanca Valley, Chile,  12.0% XD  4g/L, #266049  $12.95  (Tasted June 2, 2012)  CS

A General listing.  My notes:  The colour is a pale blond and the nose has the aroma of fresh squeezed almost ripe gooseberries, sharp with the fruit fading slowly. A swirl leaves a lacy film that sheds fast tears. The first sip starts with tangy fruit more of tart lime and apple shifting quickly to an extra dryness that coats the tongue and lingers as the prominent finish. Thin-bodied, lacking breadth although would be refreshing as a meal white with stuffed mushrooms or a variety of buffet dips. Have with grilled fish, curried mussels or Asian entrées. A drink now. 83

KATNOOK ‘FOUNDER'S BLOCK’ SPARKLING SHIRAZ 2008, Coonawara, Australia, 12.5% D, #053330  $24.95  (Retasted June 22, 2012)  na

My notes:  Released by Vintages November 2010 and tasted a few times since. This is the last bottle from our cellar. We fell in love with the 2004 for its full bodied fruit and spicy finish. The carbon dioxide added to the shiraz edge for a refreshing tingle on blackberries that lasted forever. The 2007 aged well - altho' we didn't have patience to keep it longer than two years. The 2008 didn't have the fruit to complement the spice and so came off as being flatter going into a metallic ending when acid, CO2 and less fruit came into play.  Giving this unique 'style' and being not available seems to be forgiving somehow and we are enjoying this bottle even more so not to be rated but enjoyed as an interesting  sipper. Perhaps the LCBO will be kind enough to bring this bubbly back one day (I hate begging).


SOGRAPE GAZELA VINHO VERDE 2011, Gaia, Portugal, 9.0%  D  13g/L, #141432  $8.95  (Tasted June 26, 2010)  CS

A General listing.  My notes: One of our favourite summer coolers for its light spritz and soft lemon-grapefruit, almost pithy, aroma. Pours with a burst of bubbles that quickly subsides and has a light film that laces and falls quickly. The first sip served at a refreshing 8oC has both a softness, a light lemon and dry chalkiness - the tang and chalk lasting through a long finish. It might serve as a refresher before a seafood meal or as a patio quaffer. For the latter I'd serve with lemon or lime slices and crushed ice.  Only available during the summer months and strictly a drink now. An alternative to Perrier.  NR 

The Elephant in the Room

In his article 'Winning the War but Losing the Battle' Michael Pinkus asks the question 'Why aren't more restaurants featuring Ontario wines...?'  a simple question with a difficult answer. The article goes on to ignore the 'elephant in the room' by comparing Canada wines with examples of success in other countries... and other unrelated professions. Patriotism isn't going to sell wine... blindly 'loving what we make' isn't going to work... pushing a 'signature grape' against its success in other world regions isn't going to work.

Back to the elephant... Generally Ontario consumers if they find quality don't find value in Ontario wines and the markup typically applied by restaurants to all wines aggravates the situation - but it's not their problem is it?

First the quality perception:  Row after row of blended juices, wines that are comparable with equally inferior entry level imports but priced competitively with entry level VQA products. These are brands a cool-aid drinker takes to a dinner invitation - the $9 to $12 obligatory offering. These excuses for wines sit on shelves among or opposite Ontario VQA wines. By association this ingrains a stigma or negative perception to regular wine imbibers. It's a stigma not easily overcome - like, my brother is a ponzi schemer - I must be one too. It makes one walk right past the VQA displays.  And if you peruse Vintages representation of VQA wines the term 'lip service' comes to mind. Now there's the starting place for 'patriotism'. 

A diversion: How about changing the 'Vintages bay' to a 'VQA bay', ie. merge the Vintages Releases to the main floor with their Country shelves and stock the legitimate VQA wines from across Canada to the renamed bay leaving the 'Canadian International Blends' where they are today? Some bottle shuffling with a name change is all it would take for the local monopoly to show some patriotism. Do Corporate bottlers have such a hold on the LCBO that this couldn't happen in a matter of a few weeks?

If a restaurant owner chooses to ignore/overcome this stigma his selection of VQA products is now intermingled with imports along with his usual markup. VQA wines become positioned among mid to higher priced options and the diner is presented with a choice, one based on value already biased toward the import. The European label to go with his European cuisine. The acclaimed Argentine Malbec with his grilled Tri-Tip Sirloin or Burgundy with his Bourbon Marinated Flank Steak, etc. Perception becomes reality and VQA labels get short shrift.

Niagara wines do have a difference - I believe most have an acquired taste. Whether it be the terroir or winemaking history they have a level of purity not characteristic of other world wines. The ones that are full bodied and true to their style sometimes find a place on a sophisticated wine list cast among the upper echelon, forced by their marked up price to compete in the $80-plus bracket.  That $50 Chilean Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon looks good by comparison.

Not often enough I visit Niagara-on-the-Lake attending a show and staying for a meal at one of the many fine hotels/restaurants. Their wine lists often carry Niagara wines but there's no concession. There's no marketing blurb encouraging customers to choose local. These restaurants form their own judgment and are numb to local bravado. 

A novel idea would be to have a separate Canadian Wines List, even holding back the regular wine list unless asked for - an approach that might turn into an adventure.  Perhaps too risky though as John Szabo says "restaurants with crappy wine lists are bound to go out of business, sooner or later" (...but I've seen many a 'crappy wine list' - some with deceptive 'French' labelling of local bulk blends).  (Chaos Theory: The Butterfly Effect on Wine)

Wineries are lost in a sea of profiteering often of their own making but mainly of others. Don't blame the restaurants. They aren't the cause and it's not their problem to solve!

My thoughts, Ww

Friday, June 01, 2012

2012 1st Half Summary - Whites+

Veggies at Granville Island Market, May 28 '12
The Whites+, including Rosés and Sparklings tasted from January 1st to the end of June this year are listed below.  Shown in brackets is the month of tasting where the original notes can be found.

For a list of Reds click on REDS. For an introduction and interpretation of the numbers click on  INTRO .

  1. Domaine de Bel Air Pouilly-Fumé 2009, 94-3  --  V, Pouilly-sur-Loire, France, #246033 $22.95  (Apr)
  2. Dr. Hermann Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spatlese 2006, 93-2  --  V, Mosel, Germany,  #181917 $21.95  (Jan)
  3. Cave Spring Estate Bottled Gewurztraminer 2010 VQA Beamsville Bench,  92-2  --  O,  Jordan, Ontario,  #Winery   $17.95  (Mar)
  4. André et Edmond Figeat les Chaumiennes Pouilly-Fumé 2010, 92-2  --  V, Pouilly-sur-Loire, France,  #196659  $21.95  (Apr)
  5. Thirty Bench Riesling 2010 VQA Beamsville Bench, 91-2  --  V, Beamsville, Ontario,  #024133 $16.95 (Jun)
  6. Ciù Ciù La Merlettaie Pecorino Offida 2009, 90-2  --  V, Marche,  Italy, #245670  $16.95  (Jan)
  7. Le Gravillas Sablet Cotes du Rhone-Villages Blanc 2010, 90-2  --  V, Vaucluse, France,  #251520 $17.95  (Feb)  
  8. See Ya Later Ranch Pinot Gris 2009 VQA Okanagan Valley,  90-2  --  V, Hawthorne Mountain Vineyards, BC, #263699  $18.95  (Jun)
  9. Murphy-Goode ‘The Fumé’ Sauvignon Blanc 2009, 90-2  --  V, Santa Rosa, California,  #721092 $18.95  (Jan)
  10. Jim Barry ‘The Lodge Hill’ Dry Riesling 2011, 90-2(Cellar)  --  V,  Clare Valley, Australia,  #262469 $19.95  (Feb)
  11. Anoro Chardonnay 2009,  90-1  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #183855 $22.40  (Mar)
  12. Springfield Estate Wild Yeast Chardonnay 2006,  90-1 --  V, Robertson, South Africa, #694646 $24.95  (Jan)
  13. St. Magdalena ‘Sudtirol-Alto Adige’ Pinot Grigio 2010, 89-2  -- V, Alto Adige, Italy, #249466 $15.95  (Feb)
  14. Emiliana Adobe Reserva Chardonnay 2010, 89-1  --  O, Casablanca Valley, Chile, #BC $16.65  (Jun)
  15. Cave Spring 'Dolomite' Chardonnay 2010 VQA Niagara Escarpment, 89-1  --  O, Jordan, Ontario,  #Winery   $17.95 (Mar)
  16. Frescobaldi Albizzia Chardonnay Toscana 2010, 88-2  --  G, Tuscany, Italy, #266585 $11.95*  (Mar)
  17. Angel’s Gate Riesling 2008 VQA Beamsville Bench, 88-1  --  V, Beamsville, Ontario, #160523  $13.95 (Jan)
  18. Sartori de Verona Marani Bianco 2009, 88a-1  --  V, Veronese, Italy, #265405 $16.95  (Mar)
  19. G. Marquis The Silverline Chardonnay 2008 VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake, 88-1  --  V,  NOTL, Ontario, #258681  $16.95 (Feb)
  20. Pelee Island Winery Vendange Tardive Pinot Gris 2008 VQA Pelee Island, 88-1  --  V,  Kingsville, Ontario, #224196 $16.95  (Feb)
  21. 13th Street Winery 'June's Vineyard' Riesling 2010 VQA Creek Shores,  88-1  -- V, St. Catharines, Ontario,  #147512 $17.95  (Jun)
  22. Amani Chardonnay 2009, 88-1  -- V,  Stellenbosch, South Africa, #687442 $17.95  (Jan)
  23. Sterling Vineyards Chardonnay 2010, 88  --  V,  Napa Valley, California,  #330233 $21.95  (May)
  24. 13th Street Winery 'Old Vines' Riesling 2010 VQA Creek Shores,  88  --  V,  St. Catharines, Ontario, #272617 $23.95 (Jun)
  25. Domaine de Vedilhan Viognier 2008, 87-1  --  G, Narbonne, France, #162081 $10.70 (Jan)
  26. Cave Spring Estate Bottled Chenin Blanc 2008 VQA Beamsville Bench, 87-2  --  V, Jordan, Ontario,  #627315  $17.95  (Apr)
  27. Bachelder Oregon 'Willamette Valley' Chardonnay 2009,  87  --  V, Carlson, Oregon,  #273334 $34.95  (Mar) 
  28. Dominio del Plata Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes 2011,  86-1 --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #001834  $12.95  (Jun)
  29. Ironstone Obsession Symphony 2010,  86  --  V, Napa County, California, #355784 $14.95  (Apr)
  30. Monmousseau Vouvray 2010, 86  --  V, Central Loire Valley, France, #271940 $14.95  (Jun)
  31. Bachelder Bourgogne Chardonnay 2009, 86  --  V, Burgundy, France,  #272005 $34.95  (Mar)
  32. Doulce France Vouvray 2009,  85  --  G,  Loire, France, #253229 $13.75  (Feb)
  33. Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc 2011, 85  --  G, Marlborough, New Zealand, #426601 $15.95  (Mar)
  34. Kunde Magnolia Lane Sauvignon Blanc 2010,  85a  --  V, Sonoma Valley, California, #067363 $18.95  (Feb)
  35. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011, 85  --  V, Marlborough, NZ, #304469 $29.95  (Apr)
  36. Angel’s Gate Unoaked Chardonnay 2008 VQA Niagara Peninsula,  84  --  G, Beamsville, Ontario,  #001818  $12.95  (Jan)
  37. Planalto Reserva Vinho Branco Seco 2010, 84  --  V, Douro, Portugal, #586420 $14.95  (Apr)
  38. Mont’Albano Pinot Grigio 2010, 84  --  V, Fruili, Italy, #249532 $16.95 (Feb)
  39. Blasted Church Hatfield's Fuse 2011 VQA Okanagan Valley, 84  --  O, BC, Canada, #BC $17.99  (Jun)
  40. Domaine de Congy Cuvée les Galfins Pouilly-Fumé 2009,  84  --  V, Pouilly-sur-Loire, France,  #244780 $24.95 (Apr)
  41. Emiliana Adobe Reserva Sauvignon Blanc Organic 2011,  83  --  G, Casablanca Valley, Chile, #266049 $12.95 (Jun)
  42. Cave Spring 'Dolomite' Riesling 2010 VQA Niagara Escarpment, 83  -- O, Jordan, Ontario, #Winery   $16.95 (Mar)
  43. Lawson’s Dry Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2010,  83  --  V, Marlborough, NZ, #214460 $17.95  (Apr)
  44. EOS Estate Central Coast Chardonnay 2008, 83  --  V, Paso Robles, California,   #955914  $18.95  (Jan)
  45. Domaine Tabordet Pouilly-Fumé 2009, 83  --  V, Verdigny, France, #907824 $22.95  (Apr)
  46. Sterling Vintner’s Collection Chardonnay 2010, 82  --  G, Central Coast, California, 13.5% D, #669242 $14.95 (May)
  47. Oatley Tic Tok Chardonnay 2009,  82  --  G, Mudgee, Australia, #187104 $14.95  (Jun)
  48. Yalumba ‘The Y Series’ Viognier 2011, 82 --  V,  Angaston, South Australia,  #624502 $15.95  (Apr)
  49. Bachelder Niagara Chardonnay 2009 VQA Niagara Peninsula,  82 --  V, Fenwick, Ontario, #271841 $34.95  (Mar) 
  50. Graffigna Centenario Reserva Pinot Grigio 2011, 81  --  G, San Juan, Argentina,  #164756  $12.95 (Jun) 
  51. Wente Vineyards 'Morning Fog' Chardonnay 2010,  81  --  G, Livermore Valley, California,  #175430 $16.95  (Jun)
  52. Loron Bourgogne Chardonnay 2010,  80  --  G, Burgundy, France, #167155 $12.95 (Jun)
  53. Running Duck Fairtrade Organic Chardonnay 2010,  80  --  V, Western Cape, South Africa,  #149856  $12.95  (Jan) 
  54. Southbrook Organic White Connect 2010 VQA Ontario,  80  --  G,  NOTL, Ontario, #249078  $14.95 (May)
  55. Reginato CJR Blanc de Blancs 2008, 78  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina,  #238584  $13.50  (Feb)
  56. Crush Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2009, 77 --  G, South-West Australia, #215673 $14.55 (Mar)
  57. The People's Sauvignon Blanc Awatere 2010,  74  --  O, Auckland, NZ, #BC  $22.95  (Jun)
  58. Rosewood Natalie`s Sussreserve Riesling 2009 VQA Niagara Peninsula, NR  --  V,  Beamsville, Ontario, #258806 $14.95  (Mar) 
  59. Sogrape Gazela Vinho Verde 2011, NR --  G, Gaia, Portugal, #141432 $8.95
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  1. Gassier Sables d’Azur Rosé 2011, 88-2  --  V,  Provence, France, #033621 $13.95  (Apr)
  2. Tawse ‘Sketches of Niagara’ Rosé 2010 VQA Niagara Peninsula,  85  -- V, Vineland, Ontario, #172643 $14.95  (Jan)
  3. Megalomaniac Pink Slip Pinot Rosé 2011 VQA Niagara Peninsula,  84  --  V, Vineland, Ontario, #085126 $17.95 (Jun)
  4. Southbrook Connect Organic Rosé 2010 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 84  -- V, NOTL, Ontario, #168492 $18.95  (Jun)
  5. Santa Julia Organic Malbec Rosé 2010, 82  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina, #120279  $12.95  (May)

  1. Bottega Petalo’ Il Vino dell’Amore Moscato,  91-3  --  G, Montebelluna, Italy, #588780 $13.05  (Jan)
  2. Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut Sparkling Wine NV, 90-1  --  V, Sonoma County, California, #192898  $21.95  (Feb)
  3. 'De Chanceny' Crémant de Loire Rosé Brut NV, 88-1  --  G, Loire, France, #211466  $16.70*  (Jan)
  4. Crémant de Bourgogne Réserve ‘Paul deLane’ NV, 88-1  -- G, Saint-Bris-le-Vineux, France, #214981 $17.60  (Jan)
  5. Domaine J. Laurens les Graimenous Brut Crémant de Limoux 2009, 88-1  -- V,  Limoux, France, #183608 $18.95  (Apr)
  6. Joseph Cattin Brut Rosé Crémant d'Alsace NV,  87  --  V, Alsace, France, #264572  $17.95 (Apr)
  7. Iron Horse Estate Bottled Wedding Cuvée 2007,  87  --  V,  Sebastopol, California, #707836 $21.95 (May)
  8. Foss Marai Extra Dry Prosecco Vino Spumante, 86  --  V, Valdobbiadene, Italy, #729392  $18.95  (Jan)
  9. Château des Charmes Brut Méthode Traditionnelle VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake NV,  85  --  G, NOTL, Ontario, #224766   $22.95  (Apr)
  10. Codorniu Brut Clasico Sparkling NV, 83  --  G, Penedès, Spain, #215814  $12.75  (Jan)
  11. Jackson Triggs Entourage Silver Series Brut Méthode Classique 2006 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 81  --  V,  NOTL, Ontario, #234161 $22.95  (Apr)
  12. Korbel Sparkling Brut NV, 81  --  G, Sonoma County, California, #168310 $13.95  (Feb)
  13. Wolf Blass Sparkling Mousseux NV, 81  --  G, South Eastern Australia,  #649996 $17.95  (Feb)
  1. Jose Maria da Fonseca Alambre Moscatel 2000, 96-3  -- V,  Setúbal, Portugal, #357996 $13.95  (Jan)
(G - General, V - Vintages, O - Other, WOL - Wine onLine, r-v - Rating-Value, A - aerated)
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2012 1st Half Summary - Reds

Cold Cuts at Granville Island Market, May 28  '12
The Reds tasted from January 1st to the end of June 2012 are listed below.  Shown in bracket is the month of tasting where the original notes can be found.

For a list of Whites+ which includes Rosés and Sparklings click on WHITES+ . For an introduction and interpretation of some related numbers click on  INTRO.


  1. Domaine Santa Duc Le Blovac Rasteau 2009, 93-3  --  V, Gigondas, Rhône, France, #234641 $14.90  (Jan)
  2. (WOM) Plunkett Fowles Stone Dwellers Shiraz 2008, 93-3  --  V, Victoria, Australia, #265967 $19.95 (Feb)
  3. Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2009, 92-3  --  V, Padthaway, Australia,  #673897 $16.95  (Feb)
  4. l'Excellence du Château Bladinières 2008,  92-3  --  V, Cahors, France, #264671 $16.95  (May)
  5. Georges Vigouroux Antisto Tradition Malbec 2008, 92a-2  --  V, Cahors, France,   #265462 $17.95  (May)
  6. Cline Ancient Vines Mourvèdre 2009, 92-2  --  V, Contra Costa County, California, #066084  $18.95  (Apr)
  7. (WOM) Tamarí ar Malbec 2007,  92-2  --  V, Argentina, #273425 $21.95  (Apr)
  8. Koyle Alto Colchagua Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, 91-3  --  V, Colchagua Valley, Chile, #256073 $15.95  (Jan)
  9. Fabre Montmayou Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2009,  91a-2  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #261891  $14.95  (Apr)
  10. Mendel Lunta Malbec 2009, 91-2  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina, #261917  $18.95  (May)
  11. Quinta Da Nespereira Vineaticu 2008, 91-2  --  V, Dao, Portugal, #272047 $18.95  (Apr)
  12. (WOM) Vicchiomaggio Agostino Petri Chianti Classico Riserva 2008, 91a-2  -- V, Tuscany, Italy, #993360  $19.95 (Jun)
  13. d'Arenberg d’Arry’s Original Shiraz Grenache 2008,  91a-2  --  V, McLaren Vale, Australia, #942904 $19.95  (Feb) 
  14. Errazuriz Don Maximiano Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, 91a-2  --  V, Aconcagua Valley, Chile, #230364 $19.95  (Mar) 
  15. (WOM) Hess Select Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, 91-2  --  V,  Mendocino County, California, #025080 $24.95  (Mar)
  16. La Posta Cocina Tinto 2010, 90a-2  --  G, Mendoza, Argentina, #269860 $12.95  (Apr)
  17. Ascheri Barbera d’Alba DOC 2008, 90-2  --  G, Piemonte, Italy, #219790 $13.60  (Mar)
  18. (WOM) Domaine Thunevin-Calvet Cuvée Constance 2008, 90-2  --  V,  Midi, France, #168690 $18.95  (Mar)
  19. (WOM) Les Dolia Laudun Côtes du Rhône 2009, 90-2  --  V, Chusclan, France, #271999  $18.95  (Apr)
  20. Errazuriz Single Vineyard Max Reserva Estates Carmenère 2009, 90-2  --  V, Aconcagua Valley, Chile, #273300 $18.95  (Apr)
  21. Mendel Malbec 2009,  90-1  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #108225 $24.95  (May)
  22. Cedar Creek Estate Winery Pinot Noir 2009 VQA Okanagan Valley, 90-1  --  O, BC, Canada, #BC $25.00  (Jun)
  23. Sterling Vineyards Merlot 2009,  90-1  --  V,  Napa Valley, California, #330241 $27.95  (May)
  24. Finca La Linda Syrah 2009, 89-2  --  G, Mendoza, Argentina, #223651 $12.95 (Jun)
  25. Durigutti Reserva Malbec 2006, 89a-1 (Cellar)  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina, #246124 $16.95  (Feb)
  26. Sterling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2009,  89a  --  V,  Napa Valley, California, #341575 $27.95  (May)
  27. Angel’s Gate Cabernet Merlot 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 88-1  --  G, Beamsville, Ontario,  #620096 $12.95  (Jan)
  28. Southbrook Organic Red Connect 2011 VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake, 88-1 --  G, NOTL, Ontario,  #249565 $14.95  (Jun) 
  29. Sterling Vintner’s Collection Merlot 2009, 88-1  --  G, Central Coast, California, #622837 $14.95 (May)
  30. Fabre Montmayou Reserva Malbec 2009,  88-1  --  V,  Mendoza, Argentina, #261867  $15.95  (May)
  31. Banfi Centine Toscana 2009,  88-1  --  V, Montalcino, Italy, #947440 $16.95 (Jun)
  32. (WOM) Leone de Castris Rosso Riserva Salice Salentino 2007, 88a-1  --  V, Puglia, Italy,  #597534 $17.95  (Feb) 
  33. KULT Terre de Chieti IGT, 87a-1  --  G, Tollo, Italy, #230805 $9.95  (Mar) 
  34. Casa Planeta Syrah 2010, 87a-1  -- G, Sicily, Italy, #219857 $11.95  (Mar)
  35. Alfredo Roca Pinot Noir 2010,  87-1  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #032979 $12.95  (Feb)
  36. Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, 87a-1  --  G,  South Eastern Australia, #311795 $15.00  (Feb)
  37. Don Louis Marin Old Vine Garnacha 2008,  87a  --  V, Cariñena, Spain, 13.0% D, #214205  $15.95  (Feb)
  38. Valpantena Torre del Falasco Ripasso Valpolicella 2009, 87-1  --  V, Verona, Italy, #642421 $16.95  (Jan)
  39. McManis Family Vineyards Zinfandel 2010,  87*  --  V, Ripon, California, #256735 $18.95  (Jan)
  40. Dominio del Plata Susana Balbo Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, 87a --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #260919 $19.15 (Jun)
  41. Ellena Dolcetto d‘Alba 2009, 87  --  WOL, Piedmont, Italy, #476340  $22.95  (Jan)
  42. Rigal Les Terrasses Malbec Cahors 2009, 86-1  --  G, Cahors, France, #245761   $12.95 (May)
  43. Graffigna Centenario Reserve Malbec 2010, 86-1  --  G, Mendoza, Argentina, #230474 $12.95  (Jun)
  44. Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2010, Swartland, South Africa, 86-1  --  V, #595280 $14.95  (Jan)
  45. Anakena ONA Pinot Noir 2010, 86  --  V, Leyda Valley, Chile, #269183 $19.95  (Apr)
  46. Southbrook Triomphe Cabernet/Merlot 2007 VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake,  86  --  V, NOTL, Ontario, #172080 $22.95  (May)
  47. The Hedonist Shiraz 2008, 86  --  V, South Australia, #090191 $23.95  (Jan)  
  48. Monte Zovo Sa’ Solin Ripasso Valpolicella 2008, 85  --  V,  Veneto, Italy, #650713 $17.95 (Jan)
  49. Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico Docg 2009, 85  --  G, Chianti, Italy, #267260  $18.95  (Apr)
  50. Tinhorn Creek 'Estate Grown & Bottled' Merlot 2009 VQA Okanagan Valley,  85  --  O, BC, Canada, #BC  $18.99  (Jun)
  51. J.P. Chenet Premier de Cuvée Reserve Merlot-Cabernet 2010, 84a  --  G, Pays d’Oc, France, #621995  $11.95  (Mar)
  52. Trivento Amado Sur Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah 2009, 84  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #037036 $15.00  (Jan)
  53. 13th Street Merlot 2010 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 84a  --  V,  St. Catharines, Ontario, #270504  $17.95  (Feb)
  54. Santa Ana Reserve 'Casa de Campo' Cabernet Sauvignon 2010,  84  -- O, Mendoza, Argentina, #BC $18.95  (Jun)
  55. Lionel Osmin & Cie. Malbec 2009,  83  --  V, Cahors, France, #247544  $15.95 (May)
  56. Chanson Pere & Fils le Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2009, 83  --  V, Beaune (Côte d’Or), France, #050575 $17.95 (Feb) 
  57. (WOM) Frei Brothers Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, 83  --  V, Alexander Valley, California, #038075 $23.95  (May)
  58. (WOM) Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, 83  -- V, Columbia Valley, Washington State, #280107  $24.95 (Jun)
  59. Angel’s Gate Merlot 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula, 82  --  G, Beamsville, Ontario, #107722 $13.95  (Jan)
  60. Los Haroldos Reserva de Familia Malbec 2008,  82a  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #269068  $14.95  (Jun)
  61. Sterling Vintner’s Collection Pinot Noir 2010, 82  --  G, Central Coast, California, #226571 $14.95 (Jun) 
  62. Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Grenache 2010, South Eastern Australia, 82a  --  G, #494336 $15.00  (Feb)
  63. Whitehaven Pinot Noir 2008,  82a  --  G, Marlborough, NZ, #245696 $20.65*  (Apr)
  64. Cascina Ballarin Tre Ciabot Barolo 2006, 82  --  V, Piedmont, Italy, #213058  $37.80  (Jan)
  65. Sterling Vintner’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2009,  81  --  G, Central Coast, California, #056366 $14.95  (May)
  66. Wolf Blass Yellow Label Shiraz 2010,  81a  --  G, South Australia, #506691 $16.55  (Feb)
  67. Southbrook Triomphe Syrah 2008 VQA Niagara Peninsula,  81  --  V, NOTL, Ontario, #129809  $19.95 (May)
  68. Southbrook Triomphe Cabernet Franc 2008 VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake, 80  --  V,  NOTL, Ontario, #237065  $19.95  (May)
  69. (WOM) Stefano Accordini Acinatico Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2009, 80  --  V,  Piedmont, Italy, #085159  $19.95 (May)
  70. Georges Vigouroux Pigmentum Malbec 2010,  79  --  G, Cahors, France, #255182  $13.75  (Jun)
  71. Louis Jadot Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2009, 79  --  G, Burgundy, France, #162073 $20.70  (Jan)
  72. Coppi Peucetico Primitivo 2006,  NR  --  V, Puglia, Italy, #724674 $13.95  (Mar)
(G - General, V - Vintages, O - Other, WOL - Wine onLine, WOM - Vintages Wine of the Month, r-v - Rating-Value, A - aerated)

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