Monday, June 27, 2005

5 Rosés: Spain Tempranillo, Bordeaux Merlot, Rhone Grenache, Tavel Grenache(?), Canada Pinot Noir

PENASCAL TEMPRANILLO ROSÉ 2004, Spain, 12.5% D, #621276 $9.95

Tony Aspler says: "Deep pink colour; earthy, candied raspberry with orange peel; medium-bodied, touch of sweetness, well-extracted fruit; hot finish. A hefty summer rosé. ***1/2. Have with chicken salad; pork ribs." The label says: "Crispy dry, with a light cherry colour ... fresh floral aromas of cherry and strawberry notes. Have with fresh salads, pasta seafoods and rice." My notes: Glistening red cherry in the glass and a full nose as described on the label with an emphasis on 'strawberry'. Dry strawberry on the palate and the finish slightly spicy. Super value for a summer patio refresher. Have with broccoli dip, cream cheese on foccacia, humus or a variety of tapas. This is a General listing.

CHATEAU DE SOURS MERLOT ROSÉ 2002, Bordeaux, France, 13.0% XD, SO38-2293 $21.95

Opimian describes this as: "... from prime quality free run juice from premium merlot grapes. Ripeness.. is combined wtih masses of juicy acidity. A 'drink-now'. " My notes: Cellared August, 2003. A light ruby colour very clean and crisp in the glass. Now a soft black cherry nose, smooth and dry on the palate with a long light cherry finish. Pair with chicken breast slices on greens, ham steak or just sip. Past peak but still a pleasant sipper. Available from the Opimian.

DOMAINE PEIRIERE GRENACHE ROSÉ 2002, Pays d'Oc, France, 13.0% XD, CP149-2524 $11.67

Opimian says: "This is a stunner, fragrant with perfume of strawberry jam, light in flavour with just the right amount of fruit etc. A 'drink-now'." My notes: Colour is bordering on peach and nose is not now apparent Light flavours of spice, orange and strawberry, nice light acid balance, light-bodied. Cellared December, 2003 and likely this last bottle has been neglected. Still an OK sipper with a warm moderate finish. Better with salty crackers and cream cheese dip, or pan-fried telapia. Available from Opimian.

CHATEAU D'AQUERIA TAVEL ROSÉ 2004, Tavel, France, 13.5% XD, #319368 $18.95

Vintages says: "For years, Robert Parker Jr. has found this rosé to be one of the finest produced in Tavel. With such power and rich display of fruit, there is personality to burn here. Enjoy with a variety of foods, including red meat dishes." My notes: A light cherry colour and an imperceptible nose. Well-balanced acid with a very light strawberry, cherry, raspberry blend - this vintage is definitely not 'rich'. A dry uninteresting but OK sipper with a warm spicy finish. Have with any nibbles or pair with fowl dishes or grilled pork. Vintages release May 28, 2005.

MALIVOIRE LADYBUG ROSÉ 2002 (PINOT NOIR), Niagara, Canada, 12.5% XD, #559088 $15.00

My notes: Cellared February 2003 and last tasted December, 2004. Has lost a bit but is still slightly herbal with a light strawberry nose although now almost imperceptible. A pretty, deep pink colour - and a medium-bodied rose with slight acid balancing the light strawberry fruit making it a pleasant, dry but not tart sipper with a short finish. Should go well with mushroom tarts, vegetarian pizza, hummus, grilled vegetables, tapenades, sushi or as a summer sipper. Went well with roasted scallop pieces wrapped in bacon. This is a General listing.

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