Friday, May 14, 2010

Seriously Cool Chardonnays, May 17th

Bill Redelmeier of Southbrook Vineyards spearheaded a tasting of Ontario's cool climate Chardonnays as a lead-up to a May 17th tasting in London, UK. As well as publicising Ontario wines for the EU market Bill saw this as an opportunity to stimulate the sense of a 'collegial group' among Ontario wineries. See the latest on the London reaction on Bill's blog.

Well it's over.... or is it just beginning? I expect the Ontario wine industry will have established new frontiers so will have accomplished the objectives originally set out in March. The 'collegial group' will have a short life as owners slip back into the the reality of their individual businesses along with the competitive zeal needed for success in a fractionalized industry. European oenophiles will carefully wordsmith around the mediocre and reward the best with mentions of their tastings - not quite the Californian rout of earlier times but nevertheless progress. I'll wait to see if relationships change or if big business steps into the vacuum marketing their plonk abroad eroding much of the opportunity earned by seriously dedicated Ontario winemakers.

  • Barry Martin at Hypenotic interviews Bill Redelmeier on the wines making it to London.

  • Selection of Ontario submissions started in March this year. Bill Redelmeier gives the rundown on the public and media tastings in Toronto leading to the finals.

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