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May 6, 2010 Taste & Tweet: Chardonnay day

I took the bait… ‘Taste and Tweet’ a chardonnay along with a worldwide tasting crew. Encouragement came from  and the procedure came from Host Rick Bakas of St. Supery Winery ( View It! ) for a "... gathering of wine lovers on the first Thursday of every month. The focus on May 6 is Chardonnay. For 24 hours people in every time zone are encouraged to celebrate one of the world’s most planted grapes".
From ten originally set aside for this day I’ve selected Antonin Rodet 2006 Puligny-Montrachet as today’s #chardonnay wine. From the Best of Bridge and the fact my BH said I could do anything with a pork tenderloin brought in for this evening meal I've put together a Herb & Parmesan Crusted Pork Tenderloin - it's cooling in the fridge for a few hours. If it turns out OK (I'm no cook) I'll add photos after the meal as well as tasting notes. That's my plan for #chardonnay day.
My BH thought the tarragon ruled the plate - the pork had some strong flavour elements. I tend to double herbs since if I’m chopping I like having enough to tackle with my knife. I claim success though as there was nothing left on our plates.
The chardonnays that were originally in this blog have been reentered for tasting in 'May 2010 Chardonnays'. Other chards tasted were reviewed in April’s Pouilly-Fuissés blog. 
Cheers, Ww
  • Antonin Rodet Puligny-Montrachet 2006, 83  -- V, Burgundy, France, #084541 $34.95
ANTONIN RODET PULIGNY-MONTRACHET 2006, Burgundy, France, (Map It! ) 13.8% XD, #084541 $34.95  (Tasted May 6, 2010)  CS

Released by Vintages on November 8, 2008 described as “… This Puligny-Montrachet is dry, full-bodied with layers of lemon, spice, and almond notes leading to a long toasty finish. Enjoy with rich seafood dishes or chicken with a tarragon cream sauce.”  My notes: A golden straw with almost imperceptible floral scents plus cooked apple. A swirl leaves a thin film slowly forming tears and a first sip finds a penetrating acid not stinging but fronting flavours of green apple, slight almond and clay. Medium-bodied, with a long finish changing to mineral tones as the faint fruit fades. Had enough to  pair with the herb and parmesan crusted pork tenderloin although the pork won out being on the strong side. Pork tenderloin with apple or cherry sauce would have paired better. A mild sipper, interesting but not much left - a drink now.  83

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