Wednesday, March 02, 2016


POV 1 - Outside the Bottle: 

Developing a Point Of View approach for tasting wines I initially look at the bottle interpreting the depth of colour, the marketing blurb and parentage as noted on the back label as well as the overall packaging approach. In this case the labeling resembles the Wild West somewhat, a Wanted Poster posing an entertaining imagery masking a charcoal tinted ruby inside. My experience with high alcohol levels suggests a touch of sweetness for balance, a flat fruit finishing with a dry fullness and a palate warmer. The vintage also suggests the likelihood of a youthful roughness. I'd guess cherries and blackberries offering both brightness and tannin going into a short finish. No finesse intended in this hamburger or savoury pork rib companion.

POV 2 - Inside the Bottle:

THE WANTED ZIN OLD VINES ZINFANDEL IGT 2014, Puglia, Italy, 14.5% M  xg/L,  #416487  $13.95  (Tasted March 2, 2016)

A General listing produced in Puglia, Italy and marketed by Orion Wines - formerly named 'The Grand Zin'  (Reference: Wine Searcher ).

My Tasting notes: The film is moderately viscous leaving a crinkled rim releasing slow tears. A sweetness balances a moderate raspberry/cherry flavour while a silky texture and mild warmth coats the palate. Sipping continues building both flavour and warmth. The finish fades quickly leaving only the sweet and dry. A social drink now, an option for an open bar and a pepperoni pizza partner.

Rating: B50 C5 N12 F&F14 P0 T5 86
Value  2 

96-100 Extraordinary
90 - 95 Outstanding
86 - 89 Interesting to Excellent
80 - 85 Drinkable to Enjoyable
70 - 79 Uninteresting to Simple
60 - 69 Unpleasant
50 - 59 Unacceptable

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