Friday, March 11, 2016


Released by Vintages on March 5, 2016 and produced by AED Wines . A blend of Avesso , Alvarinho and Arinto grapes grown using 'sustainable farming practices'.  (Reference: Wine Searcher )
POV 1 - Outside the Bottle: 

This bottle is the first I've seen that states content volume ranging from >0.50L =< 1L  (perhaps 2 bottle sizes with a dual label?). Imported from Portugal and at a low price point that I'd expect a pronounced tartness (Arinto) and with aroma and flavour (Avesso) on the citrus side. There will likely be a palate cleansing with each sip. This 'cleansing' will maintain its presence going into a long extra dry finish finally fading as a mild lemon zest. I wouldn't expect any perceptible lusciousness but some soft fullness. Serve at 10 degrees C with an ice bucket.

Now let's pop the cork!

POV 2 - Inside the Bottle:

CASA DO ARRABALDE  AVESSO/ALVARINHO/ARINTO 2014, Minho, Portugal, 12%  XD  8g/L,  #429324 $14.95     (Tasted March 11, 2106) 

My Tasting notes: A crystal clear light yellow and a faint tart hay fragrance starts off this tangy white. A swirl leaves a thin film hanging from a finely crinkled rim slowly dropping as a broken veil. The first sip has a brief touch of sweetness hanging from a mildly sumptuous fullness and an extra dry, fine as chalk, texture. As a burst of citrus fades a pronounced acid prolongs this white. Quaff for a pleasing tooth cleaning. A companion with delicate to flavourful seafood dishes and for guests that ponder over a crafted wine. 

Rating: B50 C5 N11 F&F16 P2 T5 89
Value  2 

(see side panel for detail)

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