Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Port Sampler

My spouse occasions a port in the mid evening and I have now started buying a price range of Ports attempting to narrow on a preference. One conclusion so far is price brings a more elegant and enjoyable sipper, as shown by the ranking below.

The comments are hers for this initial selection of four.

Cheers, Ww


1.   GRAHAM'S 20 YEAR OLD TAWNY PORT NV, Portugal,  20.0%  S  115g/L,  #620641  (500 mL)  $36.95 

A General listing.  Notes:  "Richer, has an edge, deep nose!"

2.   GRAHAM'S 10 YEAR OLD TAWNY PORT NV, Portugal, 20.0%  S 118g/L, #206508 $27.95  


A General listing.  Notes: "Tad lighter, aromatic, Quite like!"

3.   POÇAS SPECIAL RESERVE TAWNY PORT NV, Douro, Portugal,  20.0%  S  106g/L.  #286229  $15.95 
Released by Vintages on October 13, 2012 and rated 88 by Roger Voss, Wine Enthusiast (March 2010).  My notes:  "less aromatic, viscous, sweet!"

4.   OFFLEY LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 'LBV' PORTO 2007,  Douro, Portugal,  20.5%  S  104g/L,  #070086   $19.95 
Released by Vintages on December 8, 2012.  My notes:  "Flatter, not 'nosey', fruity"

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