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2011 2nd Half Summary - Intro

November Colours '11
This Intro looks at two groups of wines during the period. The first group are those rated 85+, ie. enjoyable in every sensual respect - colour, nose flavour & finish as well as non sensual factors, their cellaring potential and the level of artificiality (typicity). The second group are wines rated below 85 or those being less than enjoyable, ie. simple wines to being flawed.

An average price for these groups are calculated which could be a rationale for future purchases. However this is mute since my interest is as much in sampling different styles from different wine regions and searching for the best Value within a budget below $25 per.

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Note: Ratings in this blog are based on the Wine Advocate Rating system summarized in the Side Panel. A 'Value' assigned for a wine is described in previous blogs details of which are also given in the Side Panel. Needless to say 'Value' wines are less likely to be available however the #nnnnnn link can be used to check LCBO inventory.

The following is an interpretation of my investment in wines from local wineries and the LCBO for the period from July 1st 'til end of 2011.

  • Tastings for 192 wines were blogged: 74 whites, 86 reds, 6 Nouveau, 12 rosés, 13 sparklings and one Other. The reds and whites came from ten countries. Canada, or more specifically Niagara since our local monopoly doesn't stock other Province releases to any great extent, has the highest number with 52 wines purchased, 19 reds and 33 whites. The US (22,15/7), France (15,11/4) and Chile (16,8/8) came next with six other countries making up the rest.Two South African whites planned for December have been deferred until the New Year.
  • During this period France had the higher percentage of wines, 12 of 15, rated 85+.  Niagara had 27 (10 red, 17 white) of 52 in the 85+ range.
Narrowing the view to the 159 reds(86) and whites(73), I look at their average prices imported versus local, the total numbers as well as the number of Value wines, whites and reds:

  • The average price for 108 imported wines:  for 41 whites it was $15.45 and for 67 reds, $16.44
  • The average price for 52 Niagara (includes BC) wines:  for 33 whites it was $20.70 and for 19 reds it was $21.06
  • The average price for 75 imported wines rated 85+:  for 24 whites it was $17.05 and for 51 reds, $17.70
  • The average price for 27 Niagara wines rated 85+:  for 17 whites it was  $22.51 and for 10 reds it was $24.40
Looking at the level of enjoyment for a given price, or as indicated by Value:

  • Of the 86 reds 47 were considered good Value - 6 were from Niagara. 
  • Of the 74 whites 29 were considered good Value - 9 were from Niagara.
Most of the wines rated below 85+ were selected somewhat randomly from the General shelves

Numbers can be what they appear to be - just numbers… or they can lead to meaningful conclusions.

Cheers, Ww

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