Monday, April 26, 2010

Marcel Deiss Pinot d'Alsace 2004

DOMAINE MARCEL DEISS PINOT D'ALSACE 2004,  85* --  V, Bergheim, Alsace, ( Map It! ) 13.0% D,  #165365  $17.95  (Tasted April 28, 2010)
A Vintages release on April 17, 2010 rated 90 by David Schildknecht  (Feb 2008) and described as “Marcel Deiss 2004 Pinot [d’Alsace] Blanc incorporates a sizeable measure of 'Pinot Beurot' … in addition to a smidgen of Pinot Noir. Aromas of honey, grapefruit zest, wood smoke, and dried yellow plum lead to an intense, resinous, rich, pungently zesty, honeyed, and silken-textured palate and faintly sweet sensation of super-ripe fruit that would put this wine completely beyond the bounds of Pinot Blanc norms were it not for its lip-smacking, juicy, elegant and infectious finish.”  My notes: Bergheim ( View It! ) , a colourful Alsace village with flowers dotted along every roadside and most window sills.  The reviewer's rating gives us an idea of what this wine was in 2008 and he tells much about the winemaker and the intended wine style. This is crystal gold in the glass with a muted scent of fruit pieces cut for a morning breakfast - nothing distinct let alone ‘intense’ but cleanly fragrant. There is a smoothness in the first sip and flavours of mineral water and grapefruit pulp, an interesting touch of sweet and of mild acid. The sip quickly changes with the interest level falling away to a taint of pithy mineral but with some warmth and silkiness. Deserving of the name change this is more of a full bodied Pinot Gris. Makes for a pleasing sipper or pairing with a ham plate or light fish dishes. Not enough there for a grilled salmon plate. Past cellaring. (*followup tasting upped Flavour&Finish)

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