Saturday, October 24, 2009

Inside WineAlign

(Since blogging this item I am no longer a subscriber to WineAlign. I guess I'm not 'a joiner'.) 
I’m not one to subscribe to Wine Newsletters, on-line Wine Cellars or any other web promo that has a fee attached. I think it’s mainly because I haven’t found a wine critic close enough to my wine tastes for any one to be a consistent source of recommendations.  (Screen images used with permission)

And you may say the same of my blog… everyone’s likes, dislikes, mood swings, food with wine preferences can be as different as ‘chalk and cheese‘, as my grandmother use to say (about my brother and I). Anyone can be trained, as a sommelier for instance, without changing these personal factors. But I’m inclined to think, after using
WineAlign a short month (part of my free trial) this product is so different, it’s so powerful on your behalf, it‘s worth your try.

Let me list some reasons:
  • The Free Trial period is long enough to ’kick the tires’ thoroughly.
  • Not one but at least nine (as of writing) local wine critics participate in wine reviews.
  • (My favourite) You can pick from the critics, as part of setting up your personal profile, giving each one a weighting: low, medium, high or not at all - as to how their rating of a wine contributes to a recommendation for you.
  • You can elect to ’follow’ the tastings and ratings of other subscribers (‘friends‘).
  • You can set a price ceiling for wines of interest, local and international, in LCBO’s complete inventory.
  • You can search for wines based on three criteria: type, country, price
  • You can designate nearby LCBO outlets for wine availability
  • You can designate a postal code or town/city in Ontario to look for wines
  • You can be advised of wine events and participate in discussions of news articles and areas of interest
  • You can find a list of wineries in each of Ontario’s wine regions
  • It’s not tied to just your computer but also Twitter and Blackberry etc.
And so much more…

One hurdle to cross: As with anything new you have to play with it. You have to get the hang of where things are so you cut to the chase - your chase.
It makes finding value wines easier possibly saving you time and money… and the rest comes along free.  I'm going to give it a whirl!

Don’t forget ‘ You heard it here!’

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