Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 2009 Niagara Trip:

Niagara-on-the-Lake consists of four sub appellations: Niagara River, Niagara Lakeshore, Four Mile Creek and St. Davids Bench. My blog (Niagara Sub-appellations) of February 5, 2008 describes the boundary for each of these and provides references for more information.

There are approx. thirty wineries, a mix of craft and commercial, in this region of the Niagara peninsula. Picking from a hat we used my son’s visit, good weather and light Monday traffic as a reason to visit three new-to-me wineries:
Ravine Vineyard, Caroline Cellars, Frogpond Farm and a revisit to Lailey Vineyard.

(Click on images for a clearer view.)

We came back with a few bottles of Lailey Vidal 2007 VQA Ontario enjoyed on a previous trip. There’s much potential at the other wineries as landscaping and construction was readily apparent. Each of the tasting rooms were cozy as a steady flow of tasters kept the generous hosts busy.
Driving back along Niagara Stone Road (Hwy55 /Mississauga St.) we stopped at the Old Winery Restaurant to sample brick oven pizzas and light salads. Until we find an equivalent spot this will be a regular stop for a NOTL trip.

The exterior of the restaurant isn’t that exciting, nor inviting, but the atmosphere inside is comfortable where high ceilings lose noisy table talk and the brick oven gives a warm glow.

My son’s visit was far too short but an extended family patio ‘partay’, a stay with his brother in TO and the NOTL trip maximized his time.

Not much about wine… that’s how the cork crumbles sometimes.
Cheers, Ww

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