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Released by Vintages on March 5, 2016.  Produced by Chateau Ste Michelle from 98% Cabernet Sauvignon and 2% Merlot grapes. (Reference: Wine Searcher )
POV 1 - Outside the Bottle:

The 2012 retains the distinctive Crest of the previous vintage. Bottle shape as well shows a mature styling although bottle weight abuses eco interests. The small (2%) percentage Merlot will have taken the edge off a bold Cabernet Sauvignon suggesting this to be a great beef match as well as a rich, full-bodied sipper in the quiet time post dining. A touch of sweet typical of full West Coast reds adds rounding for a long woody finish. Grapes are from the same vineyards as the highly rated Columbia Crest Horse Heaven Hills red tasted in August 2015 . Aged four years I'd expect this to be at peak with an additional four years to mellow - a value purchase at the current price. 

POV 2 - Inside the Bottle:

COLUMBIA CREST GRAND ESTATES CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2012 , Columbia Valley, Washington, 13.5% D 5.6g/L, #
240093  $17.95  (Tasted April 6, 2016)

Tasting notes: A crushed blackberry colour with a full meniscus tilting a circle of long legs. A swirl adheres to the glass momentarily before dropping in a slow motion cascade. A tangy and penetrating aroma anticipates a spicy first sip that doesn't disappoint. Silky, dry and slightly warming as berry juice spreads across the palate. Have with cheese crackers of the salty kind to cleanse before the next sip or have with beef, lamb or Texas chili, brighter than expected. At peak now with a few more years to build on a sturdy backbone.

B50 C5 N13 F&F16 P2 T5 91
Value  2 
(see side panel for details) 

96-100 Extraordinary
90 - 95 Outstanding
86 - 89 Interesting to Excellent
80 - 85 Drinkable to Enjoyable
70 - 79 Uninteresting to Simple
60 - 69 Unpleasant
50 - 59 Unacceptable

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