Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Page not found Error

Looks like the LCBO has changed some of their webpage addresses. Sorry about that - really screws things up with finding wine inventory from my blog. We'll see if they let things return to 'normal' in the next few days!

PS. I just took a look at the new LCBO search routine and will have to look again.... The programming folk, have listened and have 'upgraded' somewhat their software.  Seems there's quite a ways to go yet but I'm optimistic!!!  In the meantime click on general link and enter the wine product number or name to find what's available.
PPS. Other than some cosmetic changes LCBO's search options are relatively unchanged. Optimism took a 180.

The train has left the station... it's a long way to the next!

Cheers, Ww

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