Saturday, May 03, 2014

MY WINE my style

Twenty- three General listed wines  and thirteen Vintages, including one Icewine, are featured in this LCBO publication - themed to include Mother's Day and with content to give a reader tips for ordering wine on any occasion: dining out, dining in, ordering takeout, day or night, morning or evening.

Answers to questions such as "When should I order by the glass?",  "When should I order by the bottle?", "How should I let the server know I'd like to chat with the sommelier?" - all basic stuff but real handy for those intent on adding polish and adventure to their wine consumption.  

As well as the usual collection of reds and whites a number of Ontario restaurants were referenced. I've listed these below with a link to a website having feedback from recent customers as to service, ambiance and food:

If you didn't receive your copy of 'MY WINE my style' today I'm sure your local Outlet will find one for you... and don't forget the LCBO saying 'Please Drink Responsibly'

Offered with tongue firmly in cheek, 
Cheers, Ww

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