Friday, June 07, 2013

Graze the Bench: June 1, 2013

The Saturday was predicted to have thunderstorms in the afternoon. Turned out to be quite the opposite with warming sun and dry underfoot. A perfect day for sip, savour and... I forget the other and will leave it for the youngsters in the crowd... and it was a good crowd young and ancient (us) at each of the wineries we visited.  No prose to go with this blog entry - just a few photos with a note or two...

Cheers, Ww

Tokens of the visit
Participating wineries & menus
Our starting point, Hidden Bench

On the Vineyard Trail... facing away from a critical path sign and got lost!!
Organized Crime - by car
Full Bloom at Peninsula Ridge
Rosewood wines pair perfectly with Music

At Rosewood there's a time to Taste and a time to Partée
...and lastly let`s hear it for the Sponsor!!

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