Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Delayed Start...

It's a boy!
3lbs. 14oz.

 ... to March Tastings.  
  • Due on April 6th Raymond William was born to Kevin and Vivian at Vancouver’s St Paul’s on February 16th in the Year of the Dragon.  Mother Nature, with her keen sense of humour, decided a grandson - ultrasound confirmed - would come near midnight on that day.Mixed feelings of anxiety and joy as medical staff juggled daily changes in mother and unborn child as the natal day approached.
Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital did an amazing job monitoring, adjusting medications and performing tests. Travel for the new nana was arranged on the last minute - thank you - and the visit went off without a hitch returning in time to save me from my cooking... and mother and child are doing well thank you. 
Raymond William on Mar 12
  • The second thing-to-do, planned well ahead of the expected April delivery, was preparing for a left knee replacement on February 29th. This meant a number of doctors' visits, blood tests and X-rays, PreOp class and Physio instruction for before and after. Also taking time was scheduling post-Op needs to assist with my initial lack of mobility and suitable Therapists, -physio and -massage, to help return normal joint flexibility  ...for some reason, explained in a separate blog, I wasn't exactly looking forward to my second knee replacement. Hopefully apprehension will be replaced by a renewed admiration for modern medicine. 
By mid-March I should be through the post-Op pains, my body purged of any pain killer remnants and taste buds fully restored.

Meanwhile I’ll count the corks until that day
Salut, Granpa Ww

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