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September 2, 2010 #Cabernet, The Event: 4 Tasted of 4

It was a modest get together, my wife and I.  We don’t lay out a spread or have entertainment - just pour the wines and tell each other what we like or dislike. The wines are under wraps compliments of my son with his present to me one Christmas. So there is some semblance of anonymity - or brown bag blindness.
The view from our breakfast nook where the event took place is of the city of Toronto - in the hazy distance.
There was no controversy with this tasting. We agreed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
My BH had the audacity to ask… 'but what is the result of this worldwide tasting?'  My response is ‘it's like going to a dance… you goof around, have some thoughtful ‘give and take’ - in this case on the appeal of each wine. The wine server gets a small profit along with the restaurant then everyone goes home happy. There is no 'winning' wine... everyone is a winner. Can you expect more?!

After that the wine freak - Me - takes it to the next level and does a separate tasting… as illustrated below... as well as washes the glasses ... and I'm on West coast time as I blog. LOL
Hope you had a good time on #Cabernet day whether it’s at a sponsoring restaurant, a winery, a home with like-minded friends or with someone that puts up with you watching the hazy view as light fades. 

Cheers, Ww

  • Beringer ‘Napa Valley Vineyards’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (DL91),  92-1  --  V, Napa, California, #091058  $39.95 
  • Alkoomi ‘Frankland River’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (JS90)(DL88),  91-2 --  V,  Western Australia, #904227 $19.95
  • The Foreign Affair ‘Abbraccio’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula (JS91),  85  --  V, Vineland, Ontario, #127324  $37.95 
  • Dona Paula Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2008,  85  --  V, Mendoza, Argentina, #095281 $17.95 
(G - General Listing, V - Vintages, V1,2,3 - Value levels, DL - David Lawrason, JS - John Szabo)


THE FOREIGN AFFAIR (View It!) CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula, Vineland, Ontario, 14.5% D, #127324  $37.95  (Tasted September 2, 2010)  CS

A Vintages release on September 26, 2009 rated 89 and described (undated) by David Lawrason as "This combines the ripeness of the 2007 vintage with extra colour, richness and fruit from 10 per cent dried grapes (amarone style) to create an unusually plump and creamy Niagara cabernet. The blueberry-blackcurrant fruit makes it more Chilean. Oak is nicely integrated. It's medium-full bodied, smooth and pillow soft, until moderate cabernet tannin kicks in. Excellent length."  My notes: An hour breathing allows the nose to lose some mustiness and shift to a mild blackcurrant aroma and give a spicy edge more prominence. A swirl leaves a firm film on the glass and long tears and the first sip feels a tang before flavours of dark fruit. A warm finish fades slowly ending with a tart layer of flat berries - dry with well established tannins. A full-bodied sipper but for the price I expected more excitement. Applying an appassimento process builds fullness without adding the freshness of the vineyard. Pair with grilled meats or rack of lamb - cellaring not likely to develop further.  85

ALKOOMI (View It!) 'FRANKLAND RIVER' CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2007, Western Australia, (Map It!) 14.0% XD, #904227  $19.95   (Tasted September 2, 2010) CS


A Vintages release on March 6, 2010 described anonymously (undated) as "Alkoomi's proprietors, Merv and Judy Lange, planted their first vines over 30 years ago...  With this premium Cabernet, look for blackberry and blueberry aromas along with some smoked meat and underlying earth and herbal notes. This long-finishing wine is an ideal partner for grilled porterhouse steaks."  My notes: This has a polite blackcurrant and berry aroma complete with a soft tang. Sipping finds a very smooth approach, a mineral tinge to fruit and soft tannins all  encouraging quaffing rather than sipping. The mineral builds in the long dry finish with fruit staying delicate but well balanced - nice.  A lighter social sipper - not adventurous but very enjoyable. Have with grilled pork or a ham steak. Not for cellaring.  91

DOÑA PAULA ESTATE CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2008, Mendoza, Argentina, (Map It!) 14.5% D, #095281  $17.95   (Tasted September 2, 2010)  CS


A Vintages release on August 21, 2010 rated 88 and described by James Molesworth (Feb 28, 2010) as "Toasty, with fleshy cocoa, plum and fig flavors that pump through the muscular finish. The toasty edge holds sway throughout, though. Drink now."  My notes: A faint nose of berries with some spice gives a lighter first impression. The film is well established with fast tears and the first sip although thinner has a compensating brightness with dry tannin that maintains interest. Not a complex red and not a sipper. The finish adds a mineral touch over the fruit then goes to a chalk dry end. Have with grilled red meats, French onion soup or beef bourguignon. Not for cellaring - a drink-now.  85
BERINGER  ‘NAPA VALLEY VINEYARDS’ CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2006,  Napa, California, (Map It!) 14.5% D, #091058  $39.95   (Tasted September 2, 2010)  CS

Released by Vintages on August 21, 2010 and described by their panel (July 2010) as “This is textbook Napa Cab. Big and robust, with aromas of cassis, black cherry, raspberry pie, graphite, tar, and tobacco. Dry, full bodied and delectably ripe and concentrated, with soft yet sturdy tannins providing structure. Fresh acidity lifts the fruit into the spectrum of red cherry and currants, leading to a long, pure fruit finish with just a touch of smoke. Savour over the next 5+ years with a porterhouse steak.”  My notes: A Foster’S Wines Estates Americas label. Not an eco friendly bottle weighing in at .6 kg. The colour is an opaque ruby, deep in the glass connoting elegance. The nose has mystery going for it - hidden is blackcurrant under soft tobacco and a hint of raspberry, some nice spice and a rim of tang. Flavours duplicate the nose, very smooth with a suspicion of sweetness and tannins that yield quickly to a long finish of a complex flavour blend. Interesting and I'd guess at peak. Not for cellaring.  92

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