Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Tis the Season!

Without fail wine prices reflect Marketing’s anticipation of a shopper's generosity as the holiday season shifts from bright Fall colours to the reds and greens of Christmas. Whatever your belief good humour seems to infect every visit to the Outlets.

The Entre-Deux Mers sulk to the background while the Burgundies, Bordeaux and Barolas take front stage and the Zebras, Yellow Tails and Fins come out in tempting multi-packs. Aisles are brimming with cello’d boxes glittering in golds and silvers urging you buy twice as much for brothers, uncles and the Postman - box in dozens for house and office parties. The LCBO this time of year puts on a spread that coaxes every last nickel from strained budgets. Other retailers offer 20 to 50% discounts but the puritanical history of the alcohol business only concedes with shiny packaging. On second thought, perhaps not the ‘puritanical history’ but a restrained commodity and monopolistic opportunism.

It’ll be a New Year in January. Let’s worry about the budget then!

Cheers, Ww

PS. I just reviewed the Vintages Holiday Sale list of wines to see how the prices fared for bottles previously available and tasted on this blog - only a few so my conclusions aren't conclusive 8-). My conclusions: Some wines are listed higher than originally released. For instance Corte Zovo Sa' Solin 2003 was priced at $15.95 in July when tasted and now the 2004 is listed at $17.95 reduced to $14.95, Maculan Pinot Grigio 2007 was $13.95 now is listed as $15.95 reduced to $12.95 and Mount Riley Sparkling SB is listed as $25.95 reduced to $21.95 whereas the 2006 was $22.95. Could any other product or retail store get away with this type of advertising? And some wines I just wouldn't purchase based on previous ratings here. Cheers, Ww

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