Tuesday, August 02, 2005

4 Whites: France Melon de Bourgogne, Canada Pinot Gris, Canada Riesling

SAUVION ET FILS MUSCADET SEVRE ET MAINE SUR LIE 2002, Loire Valley, France, 12.5% XD, #143016 $9.90 (Tasted August 2, 2005)

My notes: Cellared January, 2004 and has maintained full fruit and freshness but likely won't improve with further cellaring. Grape variety is Melon de Bourgogne having a light blond colour and a bright citrus/melon nose. Medium-bodied with flavours of lemon, apple and minerals and a light creaminess. Finish is long and bright, lip-licking like a crisp granny smith. Great as a dry sipper but better paired with grilled white fish, grilled shrimp, scallop or lemon chicken dishes. A real value. This is a General listing.

The current vintage on the shelves is 2003 (tasted August 3, 2005) with a white label and 20 cents less.... same colour and slightly more citrus nose (less melon?). The 2002 is preferred as a sipper which has slightly more fruit, a softer approach on the palate and a longer refreshening finish. Paired with seafood either is appropriate.

FIELDING ESTATE PINOT GRIS 2004, Beamsville, Canada, 11.2% D, Winery $15.95 (Tasted August 5, 2005)

Awarded the Wine Access Pinot Gris Award Silver medal in the 2005 Ontario Wine Awards. The winery describes this as: "an elegant pinkish hue - notes of red plums, candied fruits and tangerines.... fresh, well balanced. 180 cases produced. " My notes: Purchased from the winery July 15, 2005. A pleasant pink hue to a just-perceptible pale blond. A nose of tropical citrus and light apple with flavours of Bosc pear, lemon zest and crabapple tartness. Finish is long, pleasingly refreshing with citrus and a savoury - tangerine zest? - note. Save for a hot day on the patio or with vegetable or seafood appetizers - maybe lightly grilled shrimp or scallops, bbq'd chicken kebobs, zsechuan, or spicy mussels. A drink-now Pinot Gris... perhaps up to eight months cellaring. Available only from the winery.

FIELDING ESTATE RIESLING RESERVE - ROSOMEL VINEYARDS 2004, Beamsville, Canada, 10.5% D, Winery $19.95 (Tasted August 10. 2005)

The winery describes this as: "from twenty-seven year old vines, notes of grapefruit and minerals jump out... hints of citrus and lime make way for a long crisp finish. 270 cases produced. " My notes: Light blond and crystal clear colour with a lemon drop aroma. A round sweetness is first impression followed by citrus and apple tartness refreshening the palate. Finish is long and crisp citrus Sweetness is a fleeting surprise before the crispness settles in making this a pleasant sipper. Pair with white fish dishes, grilled or poached: telapia, scallops, shrimp, or chinese foods. Purchased from the winery July 15, 2005.

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