Friday, January 14, 2005

1 Dessert: Portugal

JOSE MARIA DA FONSECA ALAMBRE MOSCATEL 2000 (Setubal, Portugal), #357996 $13.95

Tony Aspler gives this four and one-half stars. My notes: The Setúbal wine region is known for its Moscatel-based fortified wines. It's a rich, full-bodied dessert wine with sugar level of 8 so not as sweet as ice wine but rich in raisiny butterscotch and fig flavours and a very low price. The colour is a beautiful orange/amber and the finish is long and nutty. As this wine ages its fragrance becomes more intense - it's not unusual to age ten years. Chill as an aperitif or have for dessert with or without crème caramel. A little goes a long way. Vintages release January 8, 2005

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